Stop tomtom home updating

This remains, but it does leave us wondering about the purpose of the new addition.

The above only really scratches the surface of the modifications brought by i OS 11.

There’s also a new ‘Today’ tab, which includes new apps, tips on getting the most out of your apps, and interviews with developers and celebrities.

Its all very well to take your motorcycle out for a Sunday afternoon ride, however you often end up with a choice – Do you ride along a road that you already know or do you take on a new road that will allow you explore the great countryside but accept the risk that you might get lost?

It’s a choice that you have to make as motorcycles do not come as standard with a Sat Nav unit and therefore if you’re going to follow a route you will need to get a separate unit, mount it on your motorcycle and ensure that they screen in large enough that you can follow the directions that it provides.

The Control Centre is the menu that gives you access to some key settings and apps with a quick swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

The good news is that i OS 11 makes it customisable.

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