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Some of our favorite places are of course from a sailboat or airboat; yet you can also get a great photo or a romantic evening from the shorelines as well.Blackrock offers unobstructed views of the Lake and beautiful sunsets.Antelope Island and the causeway is another one of our favorite locations to witness these m Great Salt Lake is home to the World's saltiest sailors with tradition of sailing and boating on this exclusive Lake dating back well over 100 years.Your experience here is guaranteed to be as diverse and unique as the Lake itself.With the help of Wendy Wilson, Naturalist for Antelope Island, we will have this information, and the beginning of our Google map soon.Back to map & list There are many beautiful locations to go on a senic drive around Great Salt Lake.

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This route runs east/west so plan your sunrise/sunset timing.

Back to map and list One of the best places to view the abundant wildlife at Great Salt Lake is Antelope Island State Park.

Remember that Bison are wild animals and can charge if disturbed from a sound sleep at a speed of 30 mph!

When you are ready, the best spots to dip your toes are at the Great Salt Lake Marina, Black Rock, and Antelope Island.

It is important to remember any clothing that gets wet from the Lake water will dry stiff because of all of the salt.

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