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The tangled drama proved that even with other, more serious problems in the world, Americans had a bottomless appetite for true crime.

On December 31st, 2002, the town of Modesto held a public vigil for Laci and Connor.Throughout early 2003, her disappearance dominated the TV news right alongside the hunt for Saddam Hussein.The tragic story established a cast of characters who covered tabloid magazines for years, including Laci's handsome husband Scott Peterson, Scott's mistress, and a gaggle of celebrity lawyers.The program retraces the story that gripped America nearly 15 years ago and features interviews with members of Laci and Scott Peterson's families, Scott's mistress, neighbors, law enforcement, lawyers including Mark Geragos and Gloria Allred, talking head Nancy Grace, and Scott Peterson himself, from San Quentin State Prison in California.Before you dive back into the story that captivated—and distracted—millions, here's what you need to know about Laci Peterson's disappearance and death.

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