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The Jihad of education is the death blow to terrorism, and the lifeblood of universal human rights.

The Quran is the central holy text of the Islamic religion, and is divided into chapters called “surah,” and verses, called “ayah.” According to Muslim tradition, it was revealed to Muhammad in 610 AD by the angel Gabriel, and now serves as a wellspring of divine guidance and wisdom.

If Islam taught terrorism and enforced Sharia, this was the time to demonstrate this.

Instead, Prophet Muhammad formed the Constitution of Medina with the Jews, establishing a unified secular state.

The Quran permits killing terrorists in self-defence because they have waged pre-emptive war against you, or against Christians, Jews, or people of any faith.

Additionally, Quran 3-194 declares that Muslims may only fight active combatants.

But regardless of your beliefs, there is wisdom in this book that can change you for the better.

Within is wisdom on everything from tact and manners, to how to treat others, to how to eat healthily—lessons anyone can benefit from.

All this notwithstanding, fact three issues the death blow to Daesh and Islamophobe ideology.

You might now understand who the Quran refers to when it says “kill them where you find them”.

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