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, Most of these newcomers had no knowledge, of aero- planes before they began to build to whatever designs the Government chose to give them, and in many cases they are making handsome profits just when the dis- appearance of their original trade would have left them without any business at all. (g) On what subsequent date, and after how many hours’ run- ning, did a 200-h.p. As we congregated around the cqlossoplane, looking more like a Trafalgar Square demonstration than anything else, the designer and manufacturer of the machine, blushing with pride, stood, notebook in hand, like a bookmaker, entering the names, addresses, and last requests of the gallant twenty. Some of them are beginning to come up against the minor troubles of design and of inspection of work and material, but that is another stor3^ v Some are even beginning to have ambitions to design a machine of their own so that they can make a name for themselves on the merits of their own produc- tions instead of becoming mere aeronautical sausage- machines, and their troubles are to come — or not, accord- ing to official policy in the future. All the mechanics would know the tricks of adjustment of engine and machine, so that-there would be no chance of engine failure through bad adjustments and no chance of machines getting out of control owing to their being badly rigged. A trap-door was then opened in the abdominal region of the fuselage, and we gave one another a leg-up until even standing-room was at a premium. Assuming it to be useful, a dozen like it should be ordered from the original maker before February 7th. When standing up and looking over the top near the pilot one could see sundry heads sticking out of a hatchway some distance back along the main deck, and these seemed to be members of bur party, although I never saw (hem close to. Under modern workshop conditions the dozen should be delivered b}' March 31st at latest. “ Out of respect for the Censor I must not say how many engines we had, but they made an infernal row. To the tenacity and brain-power of France we owe the fact that we have had time to overcome our racial lethargy and make some show of being a Military as well as a Naval Power.

So far as this paper is concerned, its record Is one of five years’ continual fight against official lethargy FIRST FIVE YEARS. It preached preparation for war — for this particular war — and was attacked by Anglo-German pacifists for doing so. The Aero- plane has made many enemies, for it has been no respecter of persons ; but the Scriptures enjoin that we shall love our enemies, and one must own that its enemies are among The Aeroplane's most treasured possessions. Quite apart from the effect on his career, one has to consider the purely mental and physical effect bn an officer of standing up, or even sitting down, before a dais on which are seated seven grave and reverend signors, who, desjiite the fact that they may be, and certainly seem to be, the kindliest gentlemen in the world, must appear to him as seven Grand Inquisitors placed there for the express purpose of tearing his poor little soul to pieces, while the attendants — in the persons of public and Press — rejoice in his agony. (/) Whether that motor-car firm has made a number of crank- cases or other parts to the original designs, for the 200-h.p. — a racing-car engine being the nearest approach to an aero-engine.' ( l ) Whether the 200-h.p. 3 IMPERVIOUSNESS — Examine a surface doped with Titanine with a powerful magnifying glass, and see how the fabric is filled in. Try also varnishing over three coats of Titanine and three coats of another dope. either by dilution with spirit, or by careful and rapid application. 3 FINISH— The matt surface of Titanine affords a firm hold for finishing varnishes and paints, which do not adhere equally well over the glossy surface of most of the other dopes. Sol0 Proprietors— THE BRITISH AEROPLANE VARNISH Co., Ltd., Head Office: Milburn House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 1 do not put these questions forward as disguised statements, but purely as questions which members of the R. design of 1913 ; that he has admitted an error of judgment which he never committed ; and that he has expended his emotions on needless regrets. Possibly these questions may also help to show how much niore information might be elicited for the benefit of the Committee if the term “ in camera ” included critics as well as judges. Palmer CORD TYRES and WHEELS For AEROPLANES The Aeroplane 50 July 12, 1916 NAVAL AND MILITARY AERONAUTICS. It has been stated that the' losses sustained In the Napoleonic Wars lowered the average height of the French people by several inches, but those long years ^if fighting made France the greatest. If not the most numerous, of all peoples, and this war has displayed the true greatness of France. One feels that one must at this date give thanks to the men who have really made The Aeroplane and whose knowledge and foresight have been the reason for its prophecies coming true. One might as well expect a country curate to stand up in front of the Bench of Bishops and criticise the Creator for making humanity what it is. officer, I cannot find it in my heart to reproach him for not coming forward to give evidence. Most firms are full of orders for aeroplanes, and though here and there one or two may be short of work for the moment owing to one contract being completed, or nearly completed, before another one has come through, there is no general complaint on the score of neglect in this direction. engine, with or without a strengthened crank-case, split its crank-case longitudinally along the 'V between the cylinders, so as to open out the said V? And whether any automo- bile engineer who has himself designed or built successful aero or racing-car engines has approved of this piece of design ? 3 RESISTANCE TO FLAME — Place a burning wax vesta on a frame doped with Titanine, and leave the ma^eh to burn completely out. Which strikes one as being a trifle peculiar, because if all were as well as one would like to believe, there should have been no difficulty in proving to these critics that their criticisms were unfounded. “ Unfortunately, these are not peaceful times, and they would be still less peaceful — for The Aeroplane, at any rate — if I were to give a detailed description of the remarkable machine on which this remarkable performance took place. Therefore, with saying that it was at an aerodrome Somewhere in England, and it was Some ’bus. High as is my admiration for the pluck and nerve of the R. Personally I have found the Committee everything that is kind and considerate, but even so, it is something of an ordeal to appear before it. Hard things have been aaid about the “Trade” also for not rushing in where the angels of the R. On the contrary, it is common knowledge that many firms' who had not the remotest intention of building aeroplanes before the war have been asked to come into the aircraft industry in order to increase the supply of aeroplanes for the Services. (h) On what subsequent date, if ever, was a test run of over six hours made by a 200-h.p. (i) On what date was an order for some hundreds of 200-h.p. One trusts that these little points will not be overlooked by those who are endeavouring, either in official capacities or un- officially, to form a just estimate of the true state of affairs, which, be it said, it is impossible to discuss fully while the country is in a state of war. It was also Some pilot, for he took with him no less than twenty full-grown male passengers.

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