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Stanford, to be elected governor of California in September, 1861, was chosen president; Huntington became vice president; Hopkins, treasurer; and Judah, chief engineer.Crocker became one of the directors and was later general superintendent of construction.Construction began at Sacramento in 1863 following authorization by Congress in 1862.The original unit of the transportation system that today comprises more than 15,000 miles of rail lines in this country and Mexico, was built from Sacramento 690 miles over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and across Nevada to meet the Union Pacific at Promontory, Utah, where the Last Spike was driven on May 10, 1869.After passage of the bill, Huntington wired his associates: "We have drawn the elephant, now let us see if we can harness him." In granting this aid to the Central Pacific and Union Pacific, Congress followed a federal policy already established, and one extended to several other railroads built before and after the Pacific Railroad was authorized.The financial aid was not a donation, but was in the form of United States 6% bonds which were a lien against the railroad property, with repayment to be made in thirty years.Southern Pacific is a monument to the enterprise and vision of Leland Stanford, Collis P. These Sacramento merchants, famed in later years as the "Big Four," became impressed with plans for a railroad east over the Sierra as conceived by Theodore D. Typical of the courage and daring that characterized the successful exploits of many western pioneers, the four associates launched the project, unmatched in all the story of rail transportation, without any one of them ever having been remotely connected with a construction project of greater magnitude than the erection of their own store buildings.Against the advice of their friends and in the face of strong opposition and ridicule they threw their entire resources and personal credit into the project.

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Washington, Government Printing Office, 1855-61.] but intense factional rivalries among congressmen from the North and South frustrated every effort in behalf of a railroad. Withdrawal of the southern representatives left official Washington of one accord.

Others followed, some of them having a short route to the rich Orient as the primary objective rather than being aimed at the development of the West.

Discovery of gold in 1848 focused world attention on California and the Pacific Coast region.

Four parties of engineers went into the mountains early in 1861 under Judah's direction.

The reports led to incorporation and organization of the Central Pacific.

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