Dating a germany china plates

Luckily the back, which is often rubbed off, is largely intact on this proving that this dates to 1898, but is also a Canadian piece.

The back makes clear this was an advertising piece produced by the New Carlton Hotel, in Montreal.

The souvenirs also had to appeal to the eye, and appear, at least, to be somewhat utilitarian.

After all this was the generation that had hardly ever heard of leisure time before.

But here from the small town of Caledonia in southern Ontario, is a very fine example featuring the Presbyterian Church.

A dozen years earlier, hundreds of Canadian boys from the Montreal area had been in the Sudan, paddling the British Army on a futile mission to rescue General Gordon in Khartoum.The family provenance shows that these souvenir china items - treated in our day, as yard sale throwaways by suave urban snoots - were very highly prized as late as the 1920s, and considered as valuable family heirlooms by many Canadians a century ago.Prov - Gladys Nixon Family Coll The "Customs House" at Owen Sound is an interesting anomaly from the time that steamer lake travel by Americans to Canadian ports was common. The basket style had been around for years but the colour transfer for the building has to date to 1910 or after.Absolutely essential, was the adorning colour portrait of the tourist destination, complete with title of the scene and location.Small was important because hand-carrying portability was key, especially among the womenfolk.

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