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As for the “Likes You” feature itself, the goal is to offer an easier, quicker way to use Tinder without having to swipe through people’s profiles in the hopes of getting matches.

After purchasing a subscription, you’ll be able to see your Likes on the same screen where you view matches today.

The couple were married for four years, but began divorce proceedings in November 2011. Lindsey is an accomplished sportswoman, she is one of only six women to have won World Cup races in all five disciplines of alpine skiing and has won 58 World Cup races in her career, and has won four overall World Cup championships – one of only two female skiers to do so.

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The ability to see your likes is a feature that’s been in demand among Tinder’s user base for some time.

I have had Botox done, but not recently,” she reveals, adding, “I hate guys that have their lips done, it’s weird.” In an attempt to turn the conversation around, Gold says, “You’re very beautiful, you don’t need to do anything else.” RELATED: ’s Fredrik Eklund Just Dropped a Single and You’ll Be Singing It All Summer After admitting his nose is “real, obviously,” normal chitchat commences, as Gold tells her a little bit about his Jewish, Swedish, Scottish, English and Russian background.

She then cuts in with a one-of-a-kind witticism: “Well I’m Russian to get another drink right now,” she says.

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’s Steve Gold may be a successful luxury real estate broker, but as a single guy in the city, he hasn’t quite closed the deal yet.

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